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without ever compromising, the target was to create a unique manufacture, that stood out for its quality and efficiency, using the best materials and the most innovative technologies

the ancient
handcraft art


WIDTH 820 mm / WIDTH (OPEN) 1600 mm
DEPTH 520 mm / HEIGHT 1420 mm

UNYCA is equipped with a fridge

The wet bar UNYCA is equipped with a fridge 50 lt capacity to keep your cool champagne and sodas.

ice cube maker

The wet bar UNYCA is equipped by a compact ice cube maker to produce ice cubes quickly and simply with the simple pressure of a button.

No water supply required, just fill the tank with water (1.7 liter water tank).

Approx. 10–15 kg of ice cubes in 24 hours (approx. 90 g in 10 min – corresponding to approx. 9 ice cubes).

Twelve different spirit

The wet bar UNYCA can be connected simultaneously at twelve different spirit.

Each spirit has a canal of independent disbursement avoing any contamination between them.

The mixing between different spirits happens exclusively in the glass in which the cocktail is served in.